Everyone is a little different,
show us your freckle.

Everybody has some freckles,
If you look I'm sure you'll see,
that you probably have a freckle,
on your shoulder, your nose, or knee.

I have to say that for me, many freckles I have not,
And I was sure I'd seen them all, or at least the ones I've got.
But just the other day I noticed, as I sat upon the floor
That on the bottom of my foot,
I have,
One freckle more!

How very strange, I thought just then,
That this morning I should spy,
A freckle that for so much time,
had been hidden from my eye!

I raced into my mother's room
to show her what I'd found
She looked at me and at my foot...
But she did not make a sound.

Finally she said to me, in her quiet way,
There's something really special here... is what I heard her say.

Freckles are little spots of joy
That we can look at all our days.
They remind us - we should smile,
its like game that nature plays.

"So I'm a Frecklefoot!" I shout out loud
As if from a mountain high,
and went outside to show the world,
the new sparkle in my eye.

Now, you might be a freckle face, a freckle arm, or freckle knee,
And that will work just fine, my friend
'cause there's no tellin' where they'll be.

But as a Frecklefoot, myself -
it is pure delight
A hidden spot of joy, I have
and it is outta sight!